Sunday, June 6, 2010

hello all,
here's some pikickies of some more sweetpea stamps, and yes i do love them, so much i now have 100, yep 100 of them, soooo im thinking thats well and enough for me for now,lol,i must say, that i may be a tad slower on adding cards, in 2 weeks hubby is taking me on a cruise through asia for my 40th birthday(which is sept, but taking my prezzie early is a price im willing to pay, lol, )and i think im totally in holiday mode now, any hoo im not toatally forgetting you, just pre-occupied on my holiday, sorry.....
take care
big hugz
rellz. : o )


  1. 1oo???????????? WOW!!!!!!! I love them too. I just started my collection. Happy Birthday to you. I wish you beast cruise ever. Hugs. Nataliya.

  2. agree wow 100 wish i had 100 hehe.just started mine too and LOVE them.happy birthday and hope you have a blast.

  3. 100 OMG I didn't even know there were that your holiday!!! BTW I have some awards on my blog for you,when you can get them.